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My dog Tiger suddenly overnight had paralysis. He also had runny stools, and growling at everything bad mood. This dog could not stand up he is an older dog. I gave him one dose of a homeopathic medicine that fit all 3 symptoms. Within 12 hours he was up and moving on his own. He was back wagging his tail and no runny stools. I use Kent's Homeopathic Repertory and Boericke Homeopathic Materia Medica to figure out the correct medicine to give.

I had the flu, bladder infection, and yeast infection all at the same time. One medicine, one dose, all gone within in 48 hours. I went to my doctor for this. It is always a wise idea to get a doctor to see you than to treat yourself.

I studied homeopathy at a Naturopathic College for acute homeopathy. I have 108 hours of background in the subject. I do not treat other people or their pets.

I do not recommend combination homeopathic medicines. Classical homeopathy where one single dose of one medicine works best.

Encourage your doctor, or veterinarian to learn and prescribe homeopathy.

Encourage colleges to teach homeopathy in medical schools.

Don't you deserve the best of both worlds? A doctor that is trained in homeopathy is by far the best.

It is going to take a long road for schools, doctors, and people to understand homeopathy and to use it correctly. Hopefully after you read this info. it will encourage you to try homeopathy.
Pepper's Story and Video
Pepper, a Shih Tzu dog, was rescued in 2001 from the City of Dallas Animal Shelter. His poor condition included ticks, fleas and burned skin. Pepper was diagnosed with a terminal disease and lost physical mobility soon after.

He is still alive and well. Pepper's recovery to a normal life is due to the alternative healing techniques in this site (see Pepper's Story).
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