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Pepper, a Shih Tzu dog, was rescued on June 22, 2001 from the City of Dallas animal shelter. He was matted with clumps of hair and infested with ticks and fleas. Pepper was filthy dirty and even worse he had dead skin with oozing pus all down his back. The dead skin was hard and black. Two veterinarians confirmed that the skin on Pepper had been burned. Pepper was either set on fire or had acid poured on him.

On July 4, 2001, Pepper's health turned for the worse. He collapsed and was taken to the vet (see Pepper's vet bill).

Billy and I have always had hearts for the underdogs. Every animal on our planet has a right to have his needs met, to lead a happy, healthy life of freedom and self-expression. The little dog's pain and his needs touched our hearts. Through his misery and our compassion, we had chosen each other. Had we been of gambling mentality, we surely would have called this"a long shot." And so, we began the long, hard haul of rehabilitation, absolutely and foolishly against the odds.

We learned Pepper had granulomatous meningoencephalitiis, a fatal disease (see letter from Pepper's vet). He was prescribed Prednisone, a steroid, but his condition kept getting worse. When we picked Pepper up from the vet he could not walk, bark or control his bodily movements. The dog was suffering from shaking non-stop.

I had just listened to a compact disc about Ron Diamond who had undergone a water fast and then went on raw food. He had cancer and was able to cure himself by fasting and a vegan raw diet. Since Pepper was not eating or drinking, my husband and I decided to clean out his system and give him water for eleven days.

We gave Pepper water through a syringe daily and he began to get more energy. He gradually got to where he could drink on his own. After eleven days he began to have an appetite. I put him on a 100 percent raw food diet, all organic. We gave him a lot of vegetables and raw hamburger meat, along with a vegetarian nutrition supplement powder called Missing Link. He was given a single dose of homeopathic remedy. This combination helped Pepper regain his strength.

On July 16, 2001, Pepper began to drag himself with his front legs; the back legs were still immobile. The veterinarian recommended the use of wheels for Pepper to help him move around. Pepper was rubbing sores between his legs when he would urinate due to his partial mobility.

We were not giving up.

While at the Whole Foods market buying food for Pepper I decided to get a quick seat massage. I asked Scott Harness, the massage therapist, if he know anyone that gave dog massages. It turned out that Scott was certified and had been studying dog massage and acupressure for years. His business is called Chi Dog. I started to take Pepper to massage therapy.

Pepper began walking on all four legs several weeks later. He is now running and barking and is full of life.

The treatments we chose for Pepper worked. Fasting, organic raw food, supplements for animals, homeopathy and massage-acupressure therapy helped Pepper recover from a once fatal disease. We believe Pepper is cured of his disease and has not been sick in over five years now.

Pepper is doing great and has officially become a new member of our canine family. He got his own Harley Davidson collar with a bone ID tag. His life has made a turn for the best. Pepper's hair has grown back from the burns and is shinny and full. His veterinarian is amazed by Pepper's recovery from a once fatal diagnosis.

We have all been blessed by Pepper. And now, we want Pepper's story and video to bless you too. There is not gamble involved in getting well and staying well. Disease is not some cruel, roulette game humans and animals, alike, are forced to play. We do not have to rely on chance to beat the disease odds. We only need "the truth about how to get well and stay well." The healthy healing path set before us and which we were blessed enough to choose is available to all of us because it is based on "the natural, physiological laws of life."

Pepper is truly a miracle dog.

A picture is worth a thousand words. A moving picture (video) is worth a hundred thousand words. Bill, Pepper and I hope you will see Pepper's video. We hope you will share our web site with your friends and loved ones. We hope your animals will be blessed by your adventures into healthy healing.

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Pepper's Story and Video
Pepper, a Shih Tzu dog, was rescued in 2001 from the City of Dallas Animal Shelter. His poor condition included ticks, fleas and burned skin. Pepper was diagnosed with a terminal disease and lost physical mobility soon after.

He is still alive and well. Pepper's recovery to a normal life is due to the alternative healing techniques in this site (see Pepper's Story).
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