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Homeopathic Doctors:
  • Dr. Daniel Cook MD

  • American Institute of Homeopathy -- Go to top of Page there will be a box that says FIND A LICENSED HOMEOPATHIC PRACTITIONER then choose a state.
Homeopathic Veterinarians:
  • The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy -- Click Referral List. Scroll down to the bottom page Click Proceed to the List.
Homeopathy Suppliers and Pharmacies: Websites:
Pepper's Story and Video
Pepper, a Shih Tzu dog, was rescued in 2001 from the City of Dallas Animal Shelter. His poor condition included ticks, fleas and burned skin. Pepper was diagnosed with a terminal disease and lost physical mobility soon after.

He is still alive and well. Pepper's recovery to a normal life is due to the alternative healing techniques in this site (see Pepper's Story).