Homeopathy and Holistic are two words that are often confused with one another. Holistic is a broad term for alternative natural treatments for illnesses. When speaking of holistic medicine it falls under herbs, acupuncture, and other various natural non invasive means to heal the body. Homeopathy is not “natural” but is in the same realm of allopathic medicine. The difference being that homeopathy works on the whole body, both mind and body to determine the correct medicine to take verses allopathy which works on parts of the body, giving various medicines to various parts of the body.

Homeopathy is a very extremely powerful medicine and is used to treat anything from a common cold, mental illness, and cancer. Its results are amazing and it can bring about a cure quite often faster than allopathic medicine.

You may ask the question why do doctors not use homeopathy in their practice. I think most likely it is because it is not taught in medical schools, it is very complicated and time consuming to treat each patient, and the medicine is far cheaper than allopathic medicine. The average homeopathic doctor takes up to an hour to see each patient. A new patient can take up to as long as two hours. The average homeopathic doctor makes far less money in their practice verses an allopathic doctor who can see a vast amount of patients within an hour. Truly speaking a doctor that devotes his practice to homeopathy is not in it for the money. They are in it to help the patient.

It is extremely difficult to know where to look for a homeopathic doctor that is well knowledgeable in the subject. Since their are no schools that teach this medicine full time you have to rely on educating yourself before seeking out a doctor. Be sure and ask a doctor ahead of time his medical background in studying homeopathy. Does the doctor practice classical homeopathy. This is a big question and is extremely important in choosing a doctor. I went to several homeopathic physicians before finding one that knew the subject well.

Two books I keep on hand are the homeopathic Materia Medica with repertory by William Boericke, MD and Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica by J.T. Kent, MD. These are medical books and are used to determine the best medicine to use for an illness. These books are most likely used by medical doctors that practice homeopathy. But I do find them helpful even in acute illness for myself. The Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica is a book that is used to look up symptoms by parts of the body. You will find everything from mental and physical symptoms and then you will see various homeopathic medicines that have been proven to cure that symptom. You can look in more details to the Materia Medica repertory by William Boericke, MD to read about each medicine.

In homeopathy you look at the mind and body as a whole. Often times a person becomes sick due to stress and then a physical symptom appears. A homeopathic doctor will take both of these factors into consideration before prescribing one medicine that will bring about a cure for both the stress and the physical illness. In allopathic medicine you would be prescribed a medicine for stress and then another medicine for the physical symptom. A person who uses allopathic medicine can take dozens of pills for various health related problems. In homeopathy there is no side effects. When using allopathic medicine you take the risk of side effects that can result in requiring more drugs and even death.

Each person has what is known as a constitution medicine that they are born with and will have certain health issues related to that particular constitution. It may change over a course of a lifetime and a person may have several constitution types. Everyone is different which is the beauty of homeopathic medicine. It looks at each person in depth and works to bring about a cure for that person.

Know matter your illness it is wise to look into homeopathy as a possible treatment. The body can only produce so many symptoms and homeopathy has been proven to cure these symptoms. Homeopathy makes sense and it works to bring about a healthy body.

A healthy society will be people that use homeopathy as their primary medicine of choice. It will bring about a society of people that are both mentally and physically healthy. I think there is also a place for allopathic medicine. It should be the goal of every physician, patient, teacher, and health caregiver to know both medicines. Every human being and animal deserves to have the best medical treatment possible.

Warm regards,

Tawana Couch
Founder and President of Vitality Strength
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Pepper, a Shih Tzu dog, was rescued in 2001 from the City of Dallas Animal Shelter. His poor condition included ticks, fleas and burned skin. Pepper was diagnosed with a terminal disease and lost physical mobility soon after.

He is still alive and well. Pepper's recovery to a normal life is due to the alternative healing techniques in this site (see Pepper's Story).
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