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Bitsy was living off the streets and had to be trapped she was scared of everyone. She had been spotted by an animal rescuer but by the time a trap could be set she disappeared. Several months had passed by and then she appeared same spot. She was then trapped and fixed up hoping for adoption. Quickly her odds turned against her. She was a black dog which are hard to adopt. To make matters worst she was incontinent to the point she would pee day and night with puddles of urine everywhere.

Bisty was put on an allopathic medicine for incontinent problem for dogs. After several medicines failed her hope was out for her to continue down that path of healing. She was given allopathic medicine first because she was going to go up for adoption. If she would be on a common medicine that the adopter would be able to keep her on then she might have a chance for being adopted. This is the reason she was on the allopathic route first.

Bisty was only a little over a year old. X rays showed she had been shot and a bullet was still in her but the tissue had grown around it so it did not bother her. This would not caused the incontinent problem. Two veterinarians performed an extensive exploratory surgery around her bladder area to see what the cause of her incontinent problem was. The result was visually nothing wrong. Her inside bladder area was normal. Another veterinarian checked her reflexes and bone structure to see if this might be a problem that could cause some type of pressure to the bladder area. Everything checked out normal. She did limp quite a bit holding her back leg up when she walked. When she laid down her one foot would go up. This was odd.

Two symptoms of incontinent and one foot pointing up when she laid down.

After extensive research one homeopathic medicine fit the symptoms. She was given the medicine and the non stop peeing stopped. For six months she was completely well. Then the two symptoms returned. The same homeopathic medicine was given once again, only one dose and the symptoms disappeared. Two years passed without any signs of incontinent issues. Then the symptoms came back. One dose of the same homeopathic medicine and immediately she was well again.

Bitsy was very fortunate to have found homeopathy to save her life. With the non stop peeing she was very uncomfortable and doggie diapers did not work for her either. No way could anyone constantly clean up after her it was puddles and puddles of urine night and day.

Today she is in a loving home where her mom Tawana Couch makes sure she stays on homeopathy. She is now able to sleep in bed with mom.
Pepper's Story and Video
Pepper, a Shih Tzu dog, was rescued in 2001 from the City of Dallas Animal Shelter. His poor condition included ticks, fleas and burned skin. Pepper was diagnosed with a terminal disease and lost physical mobility soon after.

He is still alive and well. Pepper's recovery to a normal life is due to the alternative healing techniques in this site (see Pepper's Story).
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